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Jul 06,  · NBA 2K23 launches Sept. 9 and it will bring back The Jordan Challenge, an extremely popular mode that nonetheless has made just one appearance, 12 years ago in 2K Sports’ landmark NBA 2K

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Aug 11,  · In NBA 2K23, 2K Sports is bringing the Jordan Challenge mode from NBA 2K11 back with some serious upgrades. The publisher has revealed more details about the game mode, which features 15 key. Aug 11,  · NBA 2K23 will bring back the series’ celebration of Michael Jordan’s greatest feats with The Jordan Challenge, adding five more games to the original set of 10 that NBA 2K11 offered 12 years. Aug 12,  · On March 18th, , Michael Jordan issued a press release that contained just two words: “I’m back.” And 12 years after it first became a beloved feature of NBA 2K11, the “Jordan Challenge” is back with five additional moments.. The goal here is to reintroduce the legendary moments of Michael Jordan to a generation that might not be familiar with them.

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2K have revealed details about the Jordan Challenge mode that is returning to NBA 2K23, something that first popped up way back in NBA 2K The Jordan Challenge contains 15 events from the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan and tasks players with completing them, from the early days as a college sensation, to his game-winning shot in the NBA Finals.