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Jul 18,  · From BDO. BDO to BPI, PNB, and Metrobank. To move money to BPI, PNB, and Metrobank accounts for free online, you can do an indirect transfer through ShopeePay. Here's how to transfer funds from BDO to ShopeePay, and note that this option is only available between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Open Shopee and tap on Me > ShopeePay > Cash In > Online .

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Oct 15,  · PBCOM (P fee per transaction due to system constraints) PNB. PSBank. RCBC. UnionBank. Here are the online banks that will start charging a transfer fee for a cash-in to GCash: BDO – P fee per transaction. BPI (via BPI mobile app) – P fee per transaction. BPI bank accounts can avoid the transfer fee and cash in to GCash for. Jun 20,  · Transfer Mode: InstaPay. 1. Go to the CIMB App and login. 2. Click on Transfer - To Other Banks - Union Bank of the Philippines. 3. Follow the subsequent in-app instructions. As of July 30 check, CIMB to Unionbank has been converted to InstaPay in the app from PESONet previously, thus, below indirect InstaPay transfers are not relevant anymore. 1. 1. Prepare required information. When you send money directly to a bank account, you will need to know the recipient’s bank account *4 details. Afterwards, visit your nearest Western Union ® Agent location. 2. Complete the Money Transfer Application Form. Please fill out Money Transfer Application Form (MTAF) at a location.

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The UnionBank Online is Verisign Certified. Email confirmation is sent to your registered email address for every financial transaction completed. The UnionBank Online app automatically logs out the user for 3 minutes of inactivity. OTP is required for all fund transfer and bills payment transactions. We adhere to the latest standards for. Aug 17,  · BDO Foreclosed RESIDENTIAL – HOUSE AND LOT at Lot 6, Block 6, East Groves St., East Grove, Gardens of Maia Alta Expansion, Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo City, Rizal (Lot Area: sqm; Floor Area: sqm) UnionBank Foreclosed Properties in August 12, Sealed Bidding;.